Month: September 2016

Ep011 Voyage of the Geek

A big welcome back to Dan who has vanquished his demon flu. In this show we take a look at the new YouTube Heroes initiative which will affect every video content creator. We also check out , a great site for compiled collections for rated films, directors, characters and actors/etc.

Ep010 Voyage of the Geek

With Dan out of action, the awesomely talented game design guru Rik Lagarto joins the show. At some point we even looked at the SciFi classic, and CGI milestone, “The Last Starfighter”.

Ep009 Voyage of the Geek

This week Dan is out of action with the flu, but fear not. Slotting in without hesitation are two immensely talented artists and permanent members of the VotG family, Glenn Cowley and Jake Higgs.

I ask the boys a series of game related questions and you’ll definitely get a buzz out of their responses.

Ep008 Voyage of the Geek

In this weeks episode, we take a look at journeying to our nearest star with the “Breakthrough Starshot” project. We also explore the world of the Strandbeest, wind-walkers and new robotic creatures.

Ep007 Voyage of the Geek

In this weeks episode we are joined by VFX & Animation master Tom Magill. We take a look at Star Citizen’s latest GamesCon presentation and talk about how it’s shaping up for release. We also have a look at 360 video and how it will impact visual storytelling.

Ep006 Voyage of the Geek

This week on the show we talk more about No Man’s Sky, specifically about some of the strange review/critique practices. We also talk about the cult contribution of Cannon Films throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

Ep005 Voyage of the Geek

This week Dan takes a look at No Man’s Sky and a curious phenomenon surrounding game reviews, while Dave checks out the Marvel and DC cinematic back catalogue.

Ep004 Voyage of the Geek

This week Dave takes a look at awesome drone activities while Dan has a look at the mysterious alien message found in Elite Dangerous.

Ep002 Voyage of the Geek


This week Dan takes a closer look at the commentary surrounding Ghostbusters as we try to understand the strong public opinion and Dave checks out some of the upcoming movie trailers and releases. Plus lots more…

Ep001 Voyage of the Geek


This week Dan takes a look at what the new Ghostbusters is all about and Dave checks out visual music animation. Plus lots more…