Month: November 2016

Ep020 Voyage of the Geek

This week Dave contemplates leaving his beloved Elite Dangerous, due to recent developments, while Dan tries to persuade him that all may not be totally lost…

Ep019 Voyage of the Geek

This week, Dan and Dave are joined by VFX guru Tom Magill, to review the movie Star Trek Beyond. They take a look at how this film stacks up for VFX, narrative and as an overall production.

Ep018 Voyage of the Geek

This week Dan and Dave take a look at a bunch of awesome new movie trailers, which are certainly worthy of looking forward to in 2016/17.

Ep017 Voyage of the Geek

This week we go into more depth about VR and specifically hardware. Dan takes a look at cameras and viewing devices, while Dave checks out VR peripherals.

Ep016 Voyage of the Geek

This week we talk about 3D and VR film making and where these forms of delivery are taking the industry. We also look at audience engagement using VR and how narrative techniques evolve.