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Ep061.1 Voyage of the Geek – Journey To The Center Of The Earth

In this, our 1st episode looking at the sci-fi classic “Journey to the Center of the Earth“, Dan presents “Wot the Plot“, where he dives into the narrative, to explore what makes this film tick.

Ep060.3 Voyage of the Geek – This Island Earth

It’s Quiz time… In our 3rd and final episode for “This Island Earth”, Dave presents “The Probe”, where he tests our panel of gurus to see if they were paying attention.

Ep060.2 Voyage of the Geek – This Island Earth

In the 2nd episode for “This Island Earth”, Rik presents “The Lost Sofa”, where he peels back the curtain to discuss his insights into the writing for the film. Then we’ll take a look at various facts and trivia on “Just the Tip” with Tom Magill.

Ep060.1 Voyage of the Geek – This Island Earth

Our first of a three-part, in-depth look at the sci-fi classic, “This Island Earth”. In this episode, Dan will present his unique narrative perspective in the first of our new segments, “Wot the Plot”.

Ep059 Voyage of the Geek – Capricorn One

In this episode, Dan, Tom and Dave take a look at the classic conspiracy film, Capricorn One…

Ep057 Voyage of the Geek – Escape From New York (1981)

This week, Dan, Tom, Dave and Rik explore another John Carpenter classic, Escape From New York.

Ep056 Voyage of the Geek – Demolition Man (1993)

This week, Dan, Tom, Rik & Dave take a look at the Sylvester Stallone sci-fi classic, “Demolition Man”.

Ep055 Voyage of the Geek – Firefox (1982)

This week, Dan, Tom, Rik and Dave take a look at the Clint Eastwood cold war thriller, “Firefox”

Ep054 Voyage of the Geek – Starcrash (1978)

This week, Dan, Tom, Rik and Dave dive into the bizarre David Hasselhoff scifi adventure film, “Starcrush”

Ep053 Voyage of the Geek – A Drone Show

This week, Dan and Dave discuss their journey into prosumer drone flying and filming footage for VFX plate assets.